December 02, 2020

Product Training: Health is Wealth 健康是财富

Date: December 22, 2020 (Tuesday)
Time: 3pm to 4pm (Chinese Session) / 5pm to 6pm (English Session)
Online Training: please click link to join

Without our health, we are nothing. We must value our health because no one else will take the most care of it other than ourselves. Ironically, in this modern society, career and money is more valued. People strive to chase for the lifestyle they think will make them happy. In actual fact, health should be put ahead of all other priorities. Join us in this workshop to find out how you could have excellent health and live your best life with Sunrider.
没有了健康, 我们什么都不是。我们必须珍惜我们的健康,因为我们的健康没有人能负责,除了自己。可惜的在现代社会里,人们认为事业和金钱更有价值。为了生活打拼,认为这是让自己更快乐美好的生活方式。实际上,我们应该把健康放在第一位。加入本次会议与我们探索如何使用仙妮雷德保健品保持健康过上最美好的生活。