December 19, 2020

Sunrider Achieves Spot in Top 50 Digital Momentum Rankings

The continuing and dynamic growth of Sunrider’s online presence is reflected in an industry-wide ranking list.

In partnership with Transformation Capital, Direct Selling News recently announced the November 2020 “Direct Selling Digital Momentum Rankings,” with Sunrider breaking into this elite “Top 50  List” with a 21st ranking. November marked the second release of the Digital Momentum Rankings, which has generated considerable excitement in the direct selling community since its creation in October. The purpose of these rankings is to evaluate and acknowledge the companies experiencing significant growth in their online presence within the last 30 days.

According to an article in the Direct Selling News website, the ranking methodology focuses on three primary drivers of online presence: web traffic, Facebook activity, and Instagram activity. About a dozen metrics from these three sources are aggregated and assessed “for their change over the last thirty days in an attempt to measure the growth in a company’s online audience, or momentum.”

Sunrider’s robust and growing online presence is driven by a social media lineup that includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. To visit and follow Sunrider’s channels, visit


通过与Transformation Capital 的合作,《直销新闻》最近宣布了2020年11月的“直销网络数字动量排名”,仙妮蕾德™以第21名的身分跻身为前50名的精英。 11月是网络数字动量排名的第二次发布,自10月开设以来,在直销界引起了极热烈的回响。此排名的目的在于评估和认可在过去30天中于网络业务显着增长的公司。