January 05, 2021

STC Event: Gut for Life “肠道护理“养生之道

Date: January 28, 2021 (Thursday)
Location: Sunrider Singapore Showroom and Training Center, Amoy Street
                  (83 Amoy St, #02-03, Singapore 069902)

Clogged drains need to be cleaned, so do our gut. When our gut is not cleansed properly, it will lead to many health problems. Most of the people has the misconception that constipation is due to lack of fluid replenishment, but is that the only reason?

Aging digestive tract will cause a slower metabolism rate of our gut and eventually will turn to chronic constipation. Toxins and wastes accumulated due to inefficiency of our bowel movement could contribute to belly fat, pear-shaped body figure, bad breath, body odour, pimples and acne as well as bloated stomach and even diarrhea. The training is focusing on how to have a good gut care that is essential for our overall well-being.