January 29, 2021

STC Event and Training: Health Talk: Kick Start Your Journey with a Healthier Lifestyle 健康讲座:开启您通往更健康生活方式的旅程 (Registration Required)

Date: February 5, 2021 (Thursday)
Time: 7 pm to 9 pm (Singapore Time)
Location: Sunrider Singapore Training Center and Showroom  (83 Amoy Street, #02-03 Singapore 069902)
Registration Required: Call 6226 6754 to register the seat. 

The Philosophy of Regeneration by Sunrider is all about balance. Follow our 3 steps wellness journey to transform into a healthier you:
Step 1: Strengthening; 
Step 2: Balancing; 
Step 3: Enhancement

步骤 3:促进