August 06, 2021

Business Training: Essential Guide to Zoom For Conducting Meeting & Training

Date: August 31, 2021 (Tuesday)
Time: 4 pm to 5 pm (English)
Online Training: please click link to join

In-person meeting and training used to be the way where we build our Sunrider business but that’s no longer easy in this time of social distancing. With the new normal of how we should incorporate technology in our business, Zoom is an amazing tool for hosting virtual meetings and training. Join this session to get started, learn how you can use Zoom to conduct your meeting and training

面对面的会议和培训曾经是我们建立仙妮蕾德业务的方式,但在这个社会疏远的时代,以往的方式已不适用。随着网络科技发展,而融入这新技术以拓展事业将会个新常态,Zoom 是举办虚拟会议和培训的绝佳工具。参与此课程,以了解如何开始使用 Zoom 进行会议和培训。