February 28, 2022

Product Training: Balance 5 Body Systems 平衡身体5个系统

Date: March  29, 2022 (Tuesday)
Time: 8 pm (English)
Online Training: please click the link to join: https://zoom.us/j/9990278749

All the Sunrider products hold the principle of Philosophy of Regeneration, the body needs a wide variety of nutrients to nourish and cleanse to achieve optimal balance. As according to ancient Chinese medicine philosophy, the nature’s 5 elements are also existed in our body systems; the 5 core body systems have to be in balance, to be healthy. Today, let’s us learn from our GM, Kay on why Sunrider’s Philosophy of Regeneration is different from others as why balancing the FIVE major systems of the body is important.

仙妮蕾德的所有产品都遵循再生哲理的原则,身体需要各种各样的营养素滋养和清洁,以达到最佳的平衡。根据古代中医理念,自然界的五行也存在于我们的身体系统中,身体的五个核心系统必须处于平衡状态,从而获得健康。今天,与我们总经理, Kay一起探讨,为什么仙妮蕾德的再生哲理与众不同,平衡身体的五个主要系统的重要性。