February 28, 2022

Product Training: Sunrider Nutritional Shakes 产品培训-仙妮蕾德营养奶昔

Date: March  15, 2022 (Tuesday)
Time: 8 pm (Chinese)
Online Training: please click the link to join: https://zoom.us/j/9990278749

It is a common phenomenon in this modern-day living that we are eating well but not eating right. This has much to do with our lifestyle, time management and preference of food. Sunrider shakes are formulated with the key principle – Philosophy of Regeneration in mind. This training we will deep dive into Sunrider shakes include Nuplus, Vitashake, SunFit Protein Plus & Suntrim Shake and help you differentiate and choose the right shake that will fill in your nutritional gaps, achieve your fitness goal and satisfy your hunger. 

在现代生活中,我们可以吃得好但吃得不正确,这是一个普遍的现象。 这与我们的生活方式、时间管理和对食物的偏好有很大关系。 仙妮蕾德营养奶昔类是以关键原则再生哲学为核心配制而成。 本次培训我们将深入了解仙妮蕾德奶昔类,包括优力浓缩营养粉、维体福®浓缩营养餐包、欣体健蛋白奶昔和欣纤奶昔,并帮助您区分并选择合适的奶昔,以填补您的营养缺口,实现您的健身目标并满足您的饥饿感。