Sunrider Preferred Customer Loyalty Program

All our Preferred Customers (PC) enjoy the newest PC membership perks and receive FREE Sunrider products every quarter for the whole year when you make a monthly minimum purchase of S$150. Terms & Conditions apply. 

  • Consecutive 3 months of orders: Free (1) Sunbreeze Oil Single worth S$20.10
  • Consecutive 6 months of orders: Free (1) NuPlus Simply Herbs 10 pack worth S$47.60 
  • Consecutive 9 months of orders: Free (1) Alpha 20C 10 pack worth S$74.70 
  • Consecutive 12 months of orders: Free (1) VitaFruit 10s and (1) Citric C Tab 90s total worth S$103.70

Begin your wellness journey with Sunrider today to enjoy free products!